Friday, July 23, 2010

Fall Classes and Driftwood

So I'm starting to look into my fall classes at Academy Of Art University. I'm sooo Excited. I love projects. I can't wait to learn more. I'm confused on what to take thought so I have emailed a classmate as well as my adviser.

Anyways....I have recently grown a huge interest in driftwood, the furniture made from it as well as the light fixtures. Its so natural and elegant, as well as eco friendly!

A beautiful driftwood chandelier.

Driftwood stools, chairs and table and shelf.

Driftwood Mirror.

Driftwood end table.

Light Fixture one website:

Chair's and Shelf website:

Mirror website:

End Table Website:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Different Places, Different Spaces

It amazes me, when ever I travel, even if it isn't very far, you can see how a community can affect the architecture of an area. For example, the closer you are to a body of water the more you see boat decor or "at the lake" decor. In suburbs you get the usual basic home package. Then there are the over the top houses, ones that stand out. Today my fiance, my parents, and my sister and brother in law are all visiting Thousand Islands NY, there are numerous castles there. I felt this was a fitting thing to write about. The design of castles is incredible. They used to take many years to make, which is why they used to house royalty...One castle in particular is Thousand Islands, is Boldt Castle. George C. Boldt, millionair, wished to build the castle out of Love for his wife Louise. He wanted the best of the best with every detail. In 1904 however his beloved wife past away...he stopped all new construction of the castle..he couldn't live their dream with out 1977 Thousand Island Bridge Authority acquired the property. Since then they have renovated the castle, today it can viewed by the public finally finished the way Mr. Boldt dreamed for it to be for his wife.

This sad yet romantic building is incredible to me. I adore the story of love and craftsmenship. I can't wait see the renovations someday complete.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The more I read the news and hear about all the sadness in the world I just want to shut off my ears and close my eyes...I think that one of the beauties of art. I love emerging my self in a project, it allows me to forget about everything. The oil spill continues to be a huge problem and then there is everything else going on everyday.

I love to sit outside, any day any time...the colors of nature are so inspiring, pure, relaxing. I'd spend time with animals over humans any day. Nature and color are two large inspirations for me in design. When I'm suppose to be working...(yeah I know how awful am I ha ha) I love to take breaks when no one is watching, and just take it all in. The green of the grass, the brown of the dirt, the blue of the sky... the orange of a salamander, purples and yellows and teals...It's wonderful.

Yet I sit here and see so much sadness and hate...why can't we all see the beauty in the world. The colors I see in animals and plants can never really be replicated. The beautiful browns and Carmel in our cat Goggles, the black and soft brown our cat Carmel, and the grays and whites of Belle. I love these colors.

Concept Board

So I decided to ask a couple friends of mine that are engaged if I could use them as fake clients. They were happy to do it! They told me that they want their master bedroom to be red black and white, so I worked from there. The results came out pretty nice...I think lol

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bamboo and Cork

So first of all I have to say how much I love bamboo. Not only is it a renewable material but it is also beautiful in many projects. It's funny, this morning while I was shaving (I know...weird) I got to thinking "why don't they make disposable razors with bamboo, this would allow companies to use a renewable material as well as use less plastic. I also think they would be stronger and stylish.

So I was curious if they actually made anything like this and sure enough they do. I wish these products were more available.

Bamboo flooring is a beautiful option for many spaces. They can be finished to look like any other wood flooring, and although the price in many stores may be a bit more expensive, the wear and tear of this particular material may last longer than lama net wood flooring.

Another flooring I have come to really love is cork. You might wonder if this would be a good material but it it. Cork comes in many colors and because it is a porous material it gives just enough for comfort. This material is very popular in kitchen designs, and is also very renewable and earth friendly.

Thankfully companies are beginning to see the urgency of using renewable materials in the home, everyday more are being created.

Monday, July 12, 2010


There is something so interesting to me about creating the shell of a family or individual. The oasis from peoples everyday life, a place they can be themselves and grow. To me a home is a place where its safe and there is love all around. I would love to create homes like that, however I can only create a house...the people who dwell there make it a home...they are the heart.

I've always thought this major may have been a selfish move on my part..something that I've done because I enjoy it...I feel I should be doing something to help other. I have thought a lot about this and relies that there are some things I can do to help others...I can make room or a whole house earth friendly...I can help a client save energy and the earth...I can help others see the need to make eco friendly decisions for the place they call home...I can also help give a person shelter.

I do have OCD short for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...when I was younger this would have bothered I look at it as a sort of gift. I have worked hard to get where I am and see that my OCD has helped me be more compassionate. It also has given me motivation.

I one day hope to have my own small design firm, one that designs homes for real people...and helps make the world better.